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28 March 2023

TV Streaming Report 2023 Switzerland

More and more Swiss people are using the Internet for their TV reception. This trend will continue in 2023. Live TV usage is ahead of the use of video-on-demand offerings, and looking at the current economic situation shows that worrying about high inflation rates has had less impact on streaming subscriptions than expected.

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28 March 2023

TV Streaming Report 2023 Germany

While the vast majority of German Internet users have not reduced their number of subscriptions this year, around 20% have switched to a cheaper or free offer. What's more, the Internet will remain the most widely used TV reception channel in 2023, and the use of live TV will continue to increase.

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28 March 2023

TV Streaming Report 2023 Austria

While the vast majority of internet users in Austria have not reduced their number of subscriptions this year, 17% have switched to a cheaper or free offer. What's more, the Internet continues to be used ahead of cable television as a TV reception channel, and TV streaming services are being used more and more.

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7 March 2023

Netzkino: Zattoo launches its first own FAST channel

Zattoo has launched its first own FAST channel. The channel Netzkino offers users selected on-demand titles directly as a live stream. In addition to the FAST channels already available in its offering – wedo movies, wedo big stories and Beauty TV – Zattoo is thereby further expanding its range of ad-financed premium content.

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22 February 2023

Bert Schulzki as new member of the management team

Zattoo is reorganising its management team. Bert Schulzki is now joining the management team as Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO). In his role, Schulzki will be leading the Operations, Engineering, Product, Design and Data Analytics divisions. Bert has held leading positions in a wide range of technology companies for more than 20 years.

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15 November 2022

Zattoo app now on Hisense and Loewe TVs

Connected TVs have been the focus of Zattoo's product development for a long time. With its own app Zattoo is now available on Hisense and Loewe smart TVs with VIDAA operating system. With the further expansion of its technical range, Zattoo remains one of the TV streaming providers with the largest device selection on the market.

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1 November 2022

TV streaming is first choice in case of reception problems

Around two thirds of people with satellite TV are affected by weather-related interference. For those affected, internet TV is the first choice during live TV events, such as the 2022 World Cup. This is the result of a recent online-representative survey by Kantar on behalf of Zattoo.

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14 September 2022

Replay TV without extra fee and with new Skip-Feature

As part of the new Common Tariff 12, Zattoo will continue to offer 7 days of Replay TV for its Ultimate and Premium subscription models in Switzerland. Prices will remain stable and will not be increased. The Ultimate subscription now includes a Skip-Feature to skip TV commercials for time-shifted content.

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