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Cheaper than cable TV: HD TV for just €6.49 per month with Zattoo Smart HD

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Berlin, 29 November 2023 – With the expiry of the so-called "ancillary costs privilege" for cable TV in July 2024, new TV reception options are opening up for millions of tenants in Germany. To make the decision easier for those affected, the TV streaming provider Zattoo is now launching its new Zattoo Smart HD subscription model. For EUR 6.49 per month, users can watch 160 TV channels in HD. Zattoo therefore currently provides one of the cheapest TV offers with HD TV on the market.

For years, many tenants have paid their cable TV fees via the ancillary costs for their rental property, even if they did not use the service at all. This so-called "ancillary costs privilege" ends in July 2024, which means more freedom of choice and potential money savings for around 12 million households in Germany. Because, now, those affected can freely decide how they want to receive TV without having to pay twice. 

"With Zattoo Smart HD, we want to convince tenants who are now finally getting freedom of choice with respect to their TV connection of the advantages of Internet TV," says Constanze Gilles, Head of Direct-to-Consumer Business at Zattoo. "With our price of just EUR 6.49 per month, Zattoo Smart HD costs up to EUR 4.00 less than the outdated cable alternative or offers from its competitors, as things stand today. So, while cable providers are currently announcing price increases, Zattoo is becoming significantly cheaper."

A low price, fair conditions and a quick and easy setup: Zattoo Smart HD offers 160 channels in HD quality for just EUR 6.49 per month, including popular channels such as RTL, ProSieben, Sat.1, Vox, ARD, ZDF, and many more. Users can also save even more by subscribing to a Zattoo Smart HD annual subscription at a price of EUR 74.99. The range of TV programmes can be watched on all TVs with the Zattoo app. These include TVs from Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Hisense, Loewe and TV brands based on Android TV or Google TV (such as Sony, Philips, Grundig or TCL). However, they can also be watched on TV devices that are connected to the Internet via a so-called streaming player, such as Apple TV, an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast, or many more with Android TV/Google TV. Zattoo thus reaches the majority of TV households in Germany. This is because 70 percent already have an internet-ready TV set. At the same time, subscribers with Zattoo Smart HD can enjoy all the advantages of watching television over the Internet: live programmes can be paused at any time, and current broadcasts can be started from scratch. 

TV streaming makes it particularly easy for users of cable TV to make the switch. Anyone can try the offer free of charge for 30 days and also cancel on a monthly basis. What's more, no additional devices, such as receivers, satellite dishes or antennas, are required for installation. It is therefore also possible to watch TV on a second device, in the bedroom, for example, without any costs involved. 

Constanze Gilles continues: "We see great demand among cable TV households for a simple and affordable TV offering with high picture quality. With Zattoo Smart HD, we do just that. In exchange for mobile television and the possibility of parallel use, we offer a particularly low price and a larger selection of channels in HD. For those who want to change quickly and easily, Zattoo is thus the right choice. ” 

Interested users can try Zattoo Smart HD free of charge for one month and sign up directly on the Zattoo website at

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