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Tamedia Becomes Zattoo’s Majority Shareholder

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Tamedia expands its engagement with Zattoo International AG, raising its shares from 29 percent to over 50 percent. The Swiss media group is now the TV streaming provider’s majority shareholder.

Tamedia has been involved with the TV streaming provider Zattoo since 2008. From 2015, Tamedia held 29 percent of Zattoo International AG. Tamedia sees enormous potential in the Zattoo product and business – both for end customers and business customers – and is expanding its engagement accordingly. With Tamedia as primary shareholder, Zattoo will proceed along its growth trajectory and cement its position as European market leader. Tamedia is reliant on the Zattoo team in the Zürich, Berlin, Ann Arbor and Singapore offices, and will work with secondary shareholder Bea Knecht (Zattooo’s founder) to drive the company’s further development.

B2C and B2B business at Zattoo

With the end customer business, Zattoo successfully focuses on its core markets, Switzerland and Germany. Each month, around 2 million users employ the Zattoo platform to stream over 200 TV channels (over 100 in Germany). As of 2012, Zattoo has also been active in the B2B area. Zattoo is a leading technology partner for telecommunications companies and internet operators around the globe. Zattoo currently serves 20 business customers in Europe and the USA, who, in turn, are able to serve several million end customers without investing in their own infrastructure. Earlier this year, Zattoo opened a Singapore office to increase its presence in the Asia-Pacific region. The third pillar of Zattoo is advertising. Zattoo offers ad spots on its platform for classic digital formats like display ads, but the portfolio also includes programmatic TV with the innovative TV advertising format developed by Zattoo: dynamic ad insertion (DAI).

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