Zattoo supports Google Chromecast

Easily send livestreams from your iPhone, iPad, Android or laptop WebPlayer to the big screen. Navigate the program from your smart device with just one tap of your finger!

Zattoo on Google Chromecast

Watch TV with Zattoo & Google Chromecast

Chromecast is a media-streaming device that can be plugged into the HDMI port of your TV screen. Set up the Chromecast stick for your WiFi and get started. With one tap of your finger on the Chromecast button in the Zattoo app, you can link your smart device to your TV. Your TV contents will be broadcast from the Internet onto your TV screen. With total ease, you can navigate through TV programs on your tablet, smartphone or laptop and enjoy the big-screen view.

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TV-Streaming with Zattoo and Chromecast

Stream your favorite shows on the big screen from your mobile device with Zattoo TV apps. That's how it works:

Tap on the Cast Button to open Chromecast in the app or on your browser.
Activate the broadcast from your PC/Mac Chrome browser or from the connected mobile TV app.
Watch Zattoo TV on your big screen and control it with your mobile devices.

Google Chromecast

Smart combo: Chromecast and TV apps

Chromecast connects your available smart devices and their touchscreen navigations with your big screen. With the Chromecast stick, every HDMI show can become your favorite program on the big screen. Internet TV can be so easy! With Zattoo, your TV programs are always up and running on a big screen of your choice. Get the free Zattoo app now for your smartphone or tablet and you'll be en route to watching Zattoo Live TV online. All you need is a device with an Internet connection. Free mobile TV apps supported by Chromecast: iOS (iPhone and iPad) or Android for mobile phone/tablet. Just plug the Chromecast stick into your HDMI connector, connect with one tap of the Cast button on your smart device: and you're ready to go! Watch TV at home or on the go - Internet TV, the future of TV. App store buttons lead directly to app download.

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Chromecast & live TV via PC/ Mac

Plug the Google Chromecast stick into your TV and watch Internet TV via Zattoo on the ChromeBrowser. Just sign up for a Zattoo account and you'll be ready to go: Watch TV online for free on a PC, laptop or Mac. Your Zattoo login is valid for all devices. Complete Zattoo PREMIUM with HDTV or other premium packages. Easily combine all your favorite individual TV shows on your computer!

Stream all channels in one app

Channel selection and live preview

New in the Chromecast app: Content Discovery, i.e. when you start the Chromecast app, the currently 15 most popular shows are shown as live previews under the Zattoo app. If the preview has convinced you, start the TV stream directly with the Zattoo App and then cast it to the screen of your choice.

With the Zattoo TV App, you can receive over 100 TV channels in the stream. With a Zattoo Ultimate account, you can receive over 100 channels in HD and Full-HD quality.

Channel overview

Zattoo app on devices

Use TV streaming with Chromecast as a flexible alternative

TV streaming with Zattoo and Panasonic Smart TV offers many advantages over traditional reception methods such as cable or DVB-T2. First, it's cheaper: you don't have to buy a new receiver or additional hardware. Zattoo is available for all devices, including many time-shifted functions and a larger selection of channels. You can also try it out for free. Your Zattoo account can be used on a Smart TV, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Extra packages

More broadcasters? Get the TV packages.

Design your personal TV experience with additional broadcaster packages, international channel packages, On demand offers or additional recording memory.

Additional TV Packages

Simply watch TV.

More than 160 TV channels on all devices.

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