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Product Consultant

In improv you accept anything that someone puts in the room, whoever says it first establishes the reality of a scene. Working at Zattoo has a lot of parallels to that, it has a lot to do with trust and respect. I trust that whatever idea I put in the room, it will be respected and built on, and I believe that at Zattoo we are doing that very well. 

I would describe us as human, we are more than the roles that we have, and at Zattoo that shows a lot. I appreciate that the culture is very transparent, you can be involved in things, you can know what’s going on at management level or strategically, you can have access to information.

#TrustOnDemand #TransparencyOnDemand


Working Student Content Creation

As a working student I love my flexible working hours, I can choose when I want to work, change my days and work from either at home or the office. The flexibility is a very positive thing for a working student. I really like that from the first day, I was involved in every meeting, the marketing team does that, they include you in things. We are not seen as just “the working students,” instead we are involved and are trusted to do big things, open our mouths and bring our own ideas.

It’s one thing I like about Zattoo, also that it’s very progressive and has a modern workflow.

#FlexibilityOnDemand #TrustOnDemand


Big Data Analyst

Zattoo is a place where you can be yourself, you can achieve results and play in a team, not only your internal team, but we are a full complete team with smaller squads who all push in the same direction. 

People are relaxed and reliable, you can go to anyone and get a good answer. You will be given more information than you expected and you will probably leave the interaction feeling more informed and more knowledgeable. 

At Zattoo there is ambition, people do not want to stop even though there is a stable product. We are growing and expanding, I do see a mid-term goal and a long-term goal.

#ReliabilityOnDemand #Grown-upOnDemand


 Sales Development Representative

At Zattoo I strongly believe in the product that I am selling, which makes me proud because I recognise the value and the benefit of the solution that I am offering to customers. I feel convinced and motivated to find new potential opportunities to grow in our markets. 
What I love about working in sales is people interaction and when I think of Zattoo, I think of community because it’s very inclusive. Not just with having people from different backgrounds, but also in my team, I have never felt differences between us, even with senior colleagues. I feel comfortable in proposing my ideas, challenging and sharing opinions. They are open to listening to you, plus giving you feedback in the most constructive way to help you to achieve your goals.

#InclusivesnessOnDemand #CaringOnDemand


Engineering Manager Video

Personally I am level-headed, which is a good match for Zattoo as the whole company culture is about being friendly and respectful to other people. We care about each other. On a personal level, but we also care on a professional level. We exchange knowledge massively, try to improve ourselves by summarising regularly what we can improve on and try to encourage others to improve themselves. Knowledge sharing is definitely a big thing. 

There are many tech companies, but what is different here is our solid business model, we make good numbers and are still growing. We have inclusion and green topics, it’s a comfortable environment. How everyone interacts with each other makes the company culture what it is.

#Level-headedOnDemand #CaringOnDemand

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