Data Protection Agreement

Status May 2019

Zattoo defines the following services of Zattoo AG.
We at Zattoo take protection of your personal data very seriously. This privacy act declaration governs the storage, processing and disclosure of personal user data by Zattoo in accordance with the Swiss Privacy Act. It is valid part in addition and within the scope of Zattoo’s General Business Terms and Conditions.


This privacy act declaration applies to all services provided by Zattoo. Services may include internet websites, as well as (mobile) applications (apps), particularly apps for mobile end devices, smart-TVs and set-top-boxes or streaming-boxes and other applications (software). Unless otherwise indicated, it governs how Zattoo handles your personal data exclusively. The office responsible for data processing is Zattoo AG. If you use third party services, the privacy act provisions of these third parties used shall apply exclusively.


During registration, as well as use, certain personal user data is collected and processed. This includes or may include: e-mail address, name, mailing address, payment information, date of birth, gender, language (as a whole, referred to as “personal data), income, education, household, occupation, consumer behavior, hobbies, preferred activities and use of services (all of the above information is referred to hereafter as “relevant personal data”).
Within the scope of utilization, additional data such as IP addresses, browser type and access times from your computer, are transferred to us automatically and stored on our servers (hereafter referred to as “user data”)
With the user identification, Zattoo can collect data regarding the user’s utilization of the services through the user ID or placement of cookies, such as IP address, TV channels and broadcasted advertisements. Cookies are small data files, which are stored on the user’s PC and managed by the user’s browser. Cookies enable faster navigation on websites for example, and personalized access. The user can delete and/or prevent the use of cookies on the browser at any time. The user acknowledges and accepts that deleting cookies may limit the performance and quality of the services.


By registering for, or using the services, the user acknowledges and agrees that his relevant personal data and user data is transferred or made accessible to the following companies for the below listed purposes:

Zattoo AG, Baslerstrasse 60, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland
Zattoo Deutschland GmbH, Sonnenallee 223a, 12059 Berlin, Germany

In addition, the user agrees that Zattoo may transfer the personal data received from the user to third parties as follows: to payment providers (e.g. credit card companies, banks, PayPal, mobile service providers, collection agencies), service providers for creating and preparing statistics, IT service providers (e.g. data centers, host providers, backup services, database services). The aforementioned service providers can only access your personal data to the extent necessary for providing their services.
These companies, as well as service providers are obligated to handle the data pursuant to this privacy act declaration and the applicable Privacy Protection Act.


The user acknowledges and agrees that relevant personal data is collected and processed in Switzerland, even if the user resides in a different country or utilizes service from a different country.
The user acknowledges and agrees that Zattoo may transfer and export this data to other countries, including the USA, even if the respective country’s privacy act standards deviate from the Swiss standards or the standards of the user’s country of residence. In this case Zattoo shall secure adequate data protection.



Zattoo utilizes relevant personal data for the purpose and the implementation of using Zattoo and for payment processing. If the user accesses the services, Zattoo determines the IP address to define the country in which the user resides in order to designate the available channels.
Zattoo may collect and process data relevant to the user’s utilization of services, e.g. IP address, TV channels and advertisements viewed, time and duration of a session, connectivity information and error messages etc.
Zattoo may also use the data for service utilization and preparing anonymous statistics of user behavior, and forward these statistics to third parties.


If the user subscribes to services subject to charges, Zattoo will collect and process the payment information. Zattoo is entitled to contract third parties payment processing purposes.
Zattoo utilizes the data concerning the use of services for creating regular reports for the legal owners (e.g. broadcasting facilities, communication companies) regarding the viewer numbers of their contents and for calculating the applicable copyright fees. The reporting includes the aggregated numbers without disclosing the user’s personal data.


Zattoo collects and processes address and user data (device used, operating system used, browser type, programs viewed, duration, advertisements viewed) for news and/or promotional messages.
Zattoo is entitled to pass on personal information about the user (e.g. e-mail address, usage details, etc.) to contract partners (Schober Information Group AG) in the direct marketing and address brokering field for their handling and promotional use. The user agrees to receive unsolicited third party advertising materials (e.g. advertising from a third party via a promotional e-mail).The user may revoke his consent for the use of his personal data to receive newsletters and/or advertisements at any time. To revoke the consent, the user can click on “unsubscribe” at the end of the newsletter and/or advertisement or revoke the consent in his personal user account.
The user agrees that Zattoo may send important messages regarding services to the user despite the revocation of consent.


Advertisements may be displayed/”pop up” when utilizing the services or visiting the website. Zattoo also displays personalized third party advertisements if the contents are based on the information provided by the user; such as the use of Zattoo services or the data disclosed by the user during registration. The advertisement may be provided by contracted third parties. You may update the data in your user account if you do not wish your data to be used for advertisement purposes, this will not affect your ability to use the services provided by Zattoo.


In part, Zattoo provides an option to its users to register with Zattoo partners during the registration process as well. If a user selects a co-registration, Zattoo will forward the data provided for the co-registration to its partner, which will then become the owner of this data. Zattoo shall explicitly advise the user of the data transfer.



Zattoo provides recommendation buttons for the following social networks on its website:

Facebook-Like-Button Google+-Button Twitter-Recommendation-Button
These buttons enable the user to recommend selected Zattoo contents regarding the respective social network to other internet users, add his personal profile in the social network, or bring attention to Zattoo contents.

The recommendation buttons are provided by the social network operators for the purpose of integrating other websites. By integrating the plugins on Zattoo, the operators of the respective social networks may receive the information that the user has accessed the respective Zattoo website. If the user is logged in on a social network while visiting Zattoo, the network operator may assign a user account to this visit. If such an assignment is not desired, we recommend you log off the social network prior to accessing the Zattoo website. If the user utilizes the buttons or comments, the respective information is transferred to, and stored on the corresponding social network.
Purpose and extent of data collection, subsequent processing and use of data by social networks, as well as the corresponding rights and setting options to protect your privacy are available in the social network operator’s privacy act information:

Facebook Ireland Ltd. and/or Facebook Inc.: 
Google Inc.:
Twitter Inc.:


Zattoo provides an option to log on with your registered Zattoo account or with third party accounts you may have registered.
This simplifies and speeds up the log on process and also provides you with an option to link Zattoo with the third party account and possible other functions to the extent of the third party’s functional scope.
Please note that your account settings with third party providers, as well as their privacy act provisions, the scope of data collection, as well as the data third party providers may transfer to us, could deviate.
We collect, process and use the data transferred to us exclusively in accordance with this privacy act declaration.
However, Zattoo can only influence which data the third party provider transfers to Zattoo to a limited extent. This is subject to the servitude conditions and privacy act provisions of the applicable third party provider.
You may access this information as follows:



We are using the communication tools provided by Facebook, especially the product Custom Audiences. In this process, a Hash Value is generated from your usage data. This is not linked to an actual person and non retraceable. This value can be passed to Facebook for analytical or marketing purposes. You can find further information on the processes of the usage data and the relevant account settings here: and
If you want to object to the use of Custom Audiences you can do so here:


a. Google Analytics

Our services use Google Analytics in connection with Google Remarketing. These are programs used for web analysis and target oriented advertising management offered by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google“). Google uses so called “cookies”; text files, which are stored on the users’ computers or mobile end devices and which enable an analysis for the utilization of our services. The information generated by the cookie regarding the use of our services are generally transferred to, and stored on a Google server in the USA. Within the scope of our services however, we have taken measures to activate IP anonymisation. With this process, the IP addresses of our users have been abbreviated in the European Union member states or other contract states within the Agreement on the European Economic Area by Google. Only in exceptional cases the entire IP address is transferred to a Google server and abbreviated there. Google will use the information transferred on our behalf to analyze the use of our services by users, to create reports regarding the use activity and to provide other services corresponding to the use of our services.
These additional services include Google Remarketing. Google Remarketing serves the purpose of us, or third party providers, including Google to activate advertisements on internet websites. When activating advertisements, Google Remarketing enables us to address internet users who have previously used our services. Cookies are utilized for this purpose.
The IP addresses transferred within the scope of Google Analytics are not combined with other Google data.
You can prevent the storage of cookies with by using the respective setting in your internet browser, however, we advise you that in this case you may not be able to use all functions our services provide to the full extent.
You can also prevent the collection of data generated by cookies regarding your use of our services (incl. your IP address) for Google, as well as the data being processed by Google. If you are utilizing our services on a computer on your browser, download the available:
If you are using our services on a mobile end device, you can deactivate the above mentioned data collection process in your settings/privacy act menu for the Zattoo app.

b. Google Customer Match

We use Google Customer Match for the distribution of adverts. In this process, a Hash Value is generated from your usage data. This is not linked to an actual person and non retraceable. This value can be passed to Google for analytical or marketing purposes. The data is used to create target groups in order to distribute advertising material and then is deleted by Google. The Customer Match occurs exclusively for our own analytical and advertising measures. You can deactivate the distribution of personal adverts here;

c. Services of Net-Metrix AF, Switzerland

Zattoo receives services from NET-Metrix AG, Switzerland, an independent Swiss instance for internet user research. The NET-Metrix fact-sheet outlines the services provided by NET- Metrix. The NET-Metrix Privacy Act Declaration provides information about the data use by NET-Metrix. Both documents may be accessed at

d. Use of Optimizely

Our services use Optimizely, a web analysis service offered by Optimizely, Inc. ("Optimizely"), 631 Howard Street, Suite 100, San Francisco, CA 94105

Optimizely uses so called “cookies”, text files, which are stored on the users’ computers or mobile end devices and enable the analysis of the utilization of our services.
The process determines the browser used, user behavior and user pattern of our services by the user. Individual users are not identified at any time. The information generated by the cookie regarding your use of our services are generally transferred to, and stored on an Optimizely server in the USA.
In the event IP anonymisation is activated on our service portal, your IP address is abbreviated in the European Union member states of or other contract states participating in the Agreement on the European Economic Area by Optimizely. Only in exceptional cases the entire IP address is transferred to an Optimizely server and abbreviated there. Optimizely will use the information transferred on behalf of the operator to analyze your use of the website and to create reports regarding website activity.
Optimizely also collaborates with partners who use cookies, which monitor their services and offers, as well as the number of visitors, for example. The partner “cookies” are also used to diagnose and resolve technical problems and further, to send you specific advertisements.
To our knowledge, the IP addresses transferred from your browser within the scope of Optimizely activities are not combined with other Optimizely data. You can prevent the storage of cookies by using the respective setting in your internet browser software, or in the settings/privacy act menu of your Zattoo app; however, we advise you that in this case you may not be able to use all functions our services provide to the full extent.
In addition, you can also deactivate the Optimizely-tracking process (and prevent the collection of data generated by cookies regarding your use of our services incl. your IP address by Optimizely, as well as the data being processed by Optimizely by following the instructions provided on:
However, Zattoo can only influence the data transferred by Optimizely to Zattoo to a limited extent. This transfer is subject to the servitude conditions and privacy act provisions of Optimizely.
The servitude conditions are available at:

e. Adjust

We use the analysis technology “adjust” by adjust GmbH (“adjust”). adjust employs the user’s IDFA and AAID for the analysis, which are used strictly anonymously. It is not possible to identify an individual person with this process. The data is used for Zattoo’s market research purposes, as well as for optimizing its advertising strategies. In reference to the advertising measures at Zattoo, the data is made available to retargeting services in order to target specific (Zattoo-) adverts to users with a certain IDFA i.e. the AAID.

The retargeting service provider currently in use is Remerge GmbH, Oranienburger Str. 27, 10117 Berlin. If any retargeting providers are added in future, then these will be updated. With the use of the app you agree to the processing of the retrieved anonymous data in the above-mentioned way, for the above-mentioned purpose. The retrieval and saving of the data can be deactivated for the future in the settings of the app anytime. By using the apps, you agree to the anonymously collected data being handled in the manner defined and for the previously named purpose.
Data collection and storage may be deactivated in the app’s settings at any time to future effect.

f. Usage analysis supported by Appboy

Zattoo utilizes the web analysis service AppBoy, a program by AppBoy, Inc., 265 W. 37th Street, Suite 1212, New York, NY 10018, USA, for analyzing the app’s usage. AppBoy uses a pseudonymized identifier (ID) which enables analysis of the usage of our services. It identifies the version of the operating system you are using, information about your network provider, a country code, usage behavior, and the usage pattern of our services. The data identified by AppBoy will never be linked with details about the bearer of the pseudonym. The information on your use of our services generated on the basis of the pseudonymous identifier is generally transferred to and stored on an AppBoy server in the USA. If activated by Zattoo, this information may be used for conveying select information (known as push notifications) regarding Zattoo services or specific advertising.
More detailed information regarding AppBoy compliance with the Privacy Act is available here:

Opt-out option: you can prevent data being processed by AppBoy by deactivating all tracking and analysis in the app under "Settings".

g. Usage evaluation with the help of Hotjar

Zattoo uses the web analysis service Hotjar to analyze web usage. Hotjar Ltd. (St Julian's Business Centre, 3, Elia Zammit Street, St Julian’s STJ 1000, Malta) complies with the Data Protection Act, Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta (“Applicable Law”), which implements all relevant European Union directives on data protection. Hotjar is a service that analyzes users’ behavior and feedback on web pages using a combination of analysis and feedback tools. Hotjar gives Zattoo a “complete picture” of how to improve the website performance and end-user experience. For this purpose, the following information is collected: The IP address of the device (collected and stored in an anonymized format), screen/display resolution, type of device, operating system, browser type, geographic location (country only), preferred language, and mouse events (movements, position and clicks). The collected data is transmitted and stored using an encrypted connection to servers located in Ireland (EU). The sole purpose of this data collection is to improve the user experience on the Hotjar-based websites. No personal data is collected or stored. For more information on data protection by Hotjar, please click here: You can refuse permission for Hotjar to collect your data when you visit Zattoo at any time by visiting Hotjar's opt-out page and clicking on “Disable Hotjar”.


Zattoo may purchase or sell subsidiaries or business units. In the event of such transactions, as well as in case of a Zattoo take-over, or a substantial part of active Zattoo shares, or designated business areas, the relevant personal user data and the user data will generally be part of the active Zattoo shares. Zattoo reserves the right to include the personal user data in such a potential take-over/merger. The provisions outlined in this privacy act declaration and the applicable privacy act shall also apply to data transferred in the aforementioned circumstances.


The user may request information regarding his personal data at Zattoo and the correction of incorrect data, as well as the collection of data being ceased and/or data is deleted. Statutory provisions and regulations by governing officials, e.g. courts, which may mandate
Zattoo storing and making available this personal data are reserved. Disclosure inquiries must be directed to via email, or in written form to Zattoo AG, Customer Support, Mürtschenstrasse 39, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland. If you would like to delete your account or terminate a paid subscription, you may do so by using our customer menu. Delete Account , Terminate Subscription.
Zattoo may demand identification verification for information inquiries and deletion requests at any time.


The user is aware that additional privacy act declarations for certain services, e.g. apps, may apply.

Status May 2019
© 2019, Zattoo