GT12 Switzerland: Information for users

The new partial agreement of Common Tariff 12 has come into force.

But what is changing for users now?

No price increase at Zattoo

The question of all questions is certainly: Do I have to pay more now? The answer is simple: No, Zattoo is not increasing its prices. Prices will remain stable for all subscriptions. Replay TV, i.e. television with a time shift of up to seven days, will also remain available free of charge. However, so-called replay advertising will be displayed in the future. If you want to continue enjoying ad-free television, you need a Zattoo Ultimate subscription, including the new Skip-Button to easily skip over TV ads.

These following TV-channels are part of GT12:

GT12 TV-channels

Replay TV with commercials

As part of the new collective agreement, there will be additional advertising for time-shift television in the future, with which the TV stations will be compensated. The new advertising will only be displayed to Zattoo Premium users on all reception channels if they ...

… watch a replay show.
… watch a program that has already started from the beginning.
… watch a recorded program within the first 7 days.
… press live pause in live, replay or recordings.

Overall, however, these new commercials will be shorter than the original commercials on linear television, with a maximum length of just under two minutes per commercial.

The new forms of advertising

There will be three different new forms of advertising:

1. Start Ads: A maximum 7-second commercial at the beginning of a program in the replay.

2. Fast Forward Ads: A commercial when fast forward is pressed during linear advertising. Here the user is shown an advertising clip with a maximum length of 130 seconds (max. 210 seconds/hour). The program then jumps to the end of the linear commercial and the program can continue.

3. Pause Ads: A static ad when pausing a show on live or time-shifted TV.

You can bypass the ads this way

The good news is that it's still possible to enjoy Replay TV completely ad-free. A Zattoo Ultimate subscription makes it possible. Here, the TV commercial can continue to be fast forwarded in the replay without additional advertising clips being played. That also means that everything stays the same for Ultimate subscribers.

And it gets even better: With Ultimate there will be a new Skip-Button, making Replay TV even more enjoyable for broadcasters who have signed the new GT12 partial agreement. In the future you can skip TV commercials with just one click. Recordings are also started more accurately and no longer contain annoying buffer time. You can read about which TV stations this applies to in our background article on GT12 Switzerland.

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