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Watch TV with the Zattoo App on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Just start streaming!

Amazon Fire TV app

Use Amazon Fire TV with the Zattoo App and watch TV live

Bring your TV experience home to your big screen with Amazon Fire TV and Zattoo. Fast, smooth streaming without cables and the option of connecting even your oldest television to online services like Zattoo using HDMI. Streaming over 300 channels. is not just affordable but also high quality.
Here’s how it works: You load the Zattoo app through the menu in Fire TV and log into your account. Once you’re logged in, the TV program starts and you’re lying back and flicking between channels with the remote control within minutes.

Amazon Fire TV stick

Get an overview of all the features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick here

  • Fast and smooth TV streaming through the Zattoo TV app

  • Viewing on any television or monitor with an HDMI connection

  • Easy operation with the remote control that comes with your TV or through the Amazon Fire TV app on your smartphone

  • Voice search: With the free app or the Alexa voice service (from 20 April 2017), you can search for any title you want easily and quickly.

Stream all channels in one app

All channels in one app - with Zattoo on your Samsung Smart-TV

With the Zattoo TV app on Samsung Smart TVs, you can receive the entire program of over 300 TV channels over the Internet and stream the entire selection of channels including SRF1, 3+, RTL, ProSieben, TV24 or Eurosport 1. With Zattoo Ultimate you can create your own recordings or access the TV program of the past 7 days thanks to Replay TV. Try it out for 30 days for free and see for yourself.

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Zattoo illustrated family sits in front of a TV

This can be done with the Zattoo app on your Amazon TV

  • Over 300 TV channels in the livestream
    (over 160 in HD & 80 in Full-HD quality)

  • Recording function & series recordings

  • Replay: 7 days on demand

  • Zapping using the arrow keys on your remote control (up and down) or direct number entry

Extra packages

More broadcasters? Get the TV packages.

Design your personal TV experience with additional broadcaster packages, international channel packages, On-Demand offers or additional recording memory.

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Stream over 300 TV channels on all devices.

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