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Live TV streaming with Zattoo is extremely easy. No technical knowledge is required. All that is needed is a stable Internet connection and one of the many supported Internet-enabled devices. Almost every device is supported, from smart TVs to tablets to TV streaming sticks. You can even watch TV on the Xbox via TV streaming. Additional pay-TV packages can also be booked easily. Say goodbye to contractual obligations, cable clutter and reception interference.

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Live TV streaming saves money. At comparatively low costs, you get access to an above-average number of channels. Zattoo Ultimate costs only €14.99/month and offers access to over 100 channels, including over 40 in full HD and over 70 in HD. In addition, there are many other advantages.

Other reception methods do not perform as well here. Here is the example of cable television: Many people are familiar with the dilemma of having to pay the imposed cable fee in the utility bill for their rental apartment, even if the connection is not used at all. For around 20-25 euros in the basic package, users receive an average of 100 channels, the public channels in HD, all others in SD quality. If you want better image quality or more channels, you pay more.

Here comes the good news: Thanks to a new law, this will be a thing of the past as of 2024. From then on, landlords may no longer automatically pass on the cable fee to tenants. This means that you can choose your own TV provider and nothing will stand in the way of live TV streaming with Zattoo.


With Internet television, you are not bound to just one device. You can stream on multiple devices at the same time, wherever and whenever you want. Up to four parallel streams are possible with live TV streaming with Zattoo. This finally puts an end to all arguments about what to watch. Whether your family is watching on the smart TV in the evening in the living room, on a smartphone on the train or on a tablet at the beach in Mallorca – all this is possible with just one account at the same time.

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TV streaming is probably the most flexible way to watch TV:

  • TV streaming works on so many different devices that most people already own at least one of them anyway.

  • Up to four parallel streams are possible with Zattoo Ultimate.

  • There is an above-average selection of channels, so there's something for everyone.

  • Zattoo offers recording functions, live pause and restart.

  • TV streaming is location-independent. You can stream wherever there is Internet reception, even when travelling within the EU.

  • At Zattoo, all subscriptions can be canceled monthly.

All TV streaming advantages at a glance

1. Simple. TV streaming does not require any technical expertise, but only an Internet connection.

2. Inexpensive. Internet television is more cost-effective than most alternative reception methods, such as cable television.

3. Multiscreen. TV on up to four different devices at the same time? Not a problem, thanks to Zattoo Ultimate.

4. Flexible. Time-shifted functionality, live pause, mobile use and many other benefits are possible thanks to TV streaming.

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Enjoy all the benefits of TV streaming with Zattoo Ultimate

With Zattoo Ultimate, you can stream over 100 TV channels, including over 40 in full HD quality and over 70 in HD! You can watch your favorite programs on up to 4 devices at the same time. Whether with the Zattoo app on your smart TV, smartphone or tablet or simply with the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, on Chromecast or via the XBox One – you can decide flexibly where and when you want to stream TV. If you can't watch a program, you have 100 recordings at your disposal. Even in other EU countries, you won't miss anything.

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