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Watch TV with the Zattoo App on the Samsung Smart TV. Just start streaming!

Samsung Smart TV App

This is the way to do it: Use TV app for Samsung Smart TV

With a Samsung Smart TV and Zattoo, you can watch TV without antennas, cable or satellite connection. Simply open the Zattoo TV app on your Samsung Smart TV, log in with your Zattoo login details and stream the TV programme live over the internet.
Zattoo is currently available on the following Samsung Smart TVs:

  • Samsung Smart-TVs ab 2015 with Tizen system

Check here to see if your Samsung model is compatible with Zattoo for streaming TV.

Stream all channels in one app

All channels in one app - with Zattoo on your Samsung Smart-TV

With the Zattoo TV App on the Samsung Smart TV, you can receive the entire programme from over 60 TV channels via the Internet or WLAN. Zattoo Ultimate gives you the possibility to stream all shows of the last 7 days thanks to the Replay function. In addition you can use the recording function and stream more than 40 channels in Full-HD quality. Just try it out for 30 days free of charge and see for yourself.

30 days for free

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This can be done with the Zattoo app on your Samsung TV

Zattoo on the Samsung Smart TV or a BlueRay player offers you the following functions:

Over 60 TV channels in the livestream
(over 40 in Full-HD quality)
Recording function & series recordings
Zapping using the arrow keys on your remote control (up and down) or direct number entry
Watch TV on holiday & business trip: with EU-wide streaming on all your mobile devices

Zattoo app on devices

Use TV streaming with smart TV as a flexible alternative

TV streaming with Zattoo and Samsung Smart TV offers many advantages over traditional reception methods such as cable or DVB-T2. First, it's cheaper: you don't have to buy a new receiver or additional hardware. Zattoo is available for all devices, including many time-shifted functions and a larger selection of channels. You can also try it out for free. Your Zattoo account can be used on a Smart TV, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Simply watch TV.

Stream over 100 TV channels on all devices.

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