Zattoo on the Nokia Smart TV & Nokia Streaming Box

Get your TV on all your devices with Zattoo Ultimate - now 2 months for free.

Nokia devices with the Zattoo TV App

Try Zattoo Ultimate for free for 2 months

Redeem your voucher and try Zattoo Ultimate for free for 2 months - here's how:

  • Click on "I am new to Zattoo" or "I already use Zattoo" below.

  • Then either create a new account or log in with your email address.

  • Now enter your Zattoo voucher code. You can find this on the Zattoo sticker on the TV packaging of your Nokia Smart TV or Streaming Box. Use the code next to your country's flag. (Note the redemption conditions below)

  • Now you can log in to the Zattoo app on your TV using your Zattoo account.

  • All done: stream your favorite channels in full HD for 2 months for free on all of your devices.

Zattoo illustrated family sits in front of a TV

This can be done with the Zattoo app on your Nokia TV

  • Over 130 TV channels in the livestream
    (over 80 in HD & 40 in Full-HD quality)

  • Recording function & series recordings

  • Zapping using the arrow keys on your remote control (up and down) or direct number entry

  • Watch TV on holiday & business trip: with EU-wide streaming on all your mobile devices

Redemption conditions

With the purchase of a Nokia Smart TV or a Nokia set-top box powered by Android TV, buyers will receive a voucher code entitling them to 2 free months of Zattoo Ultimate. The code can be found on the back of the Zattoo sticker on the device packaging. For redemption in Austria, use the code behind the Austrian flag. None of the other codes can be redeemed in Austria.

To redeem the voucher code, it is necessary to log in with a Zattoo account. The voucher code is not redeemable for Zattoo accounts with an ongoing subscription (Premium or Ultimate). Should you not have a Zattoo account, you can create one for free during the redemption process. The Ultimate trial subscription linked to the voucher can be canceled in the account settings at any time during the free voucher phase with effect from the end of the respective contract month. If the cancellation is made within the first free month, the second free month will be voided. Provided the subscription is not canceled 48 hours before the end of the last free month, it will be renewed for another month at the regular price of €14.99 per month. No cash payment. Cannot be combined with other promotions / coupons.

Extra packages

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Design your personal TV experience with additional broadcaster packages, international channel packages, On demand offers or additional recording memory.

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