Zattoo + Apple TV

The new way of watching TV. The Zattoo App for Apple TV with over 60 TV channels, many of them in HD and Full-HD quality, incl. replay and recording function. #watchyouwant

Stream TV on Apple TV

Using Zattoo Live TV via Apple TV 4.0

Stream your favourite show from the Zattoo App with over 60 channels via Internet. Enjoy TV super easily. With the Zattoo App you receive more than 60 TV channels live and on replay like ORF1, ORF2, Puls4, Servus TV, RTL, ZDF/ARD and many more. The recording function and Full-HD channels like can be streamed with our Zattoo Ultimate Account.

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Steps to watch TV on Apple TV:

Watch now on Apple TV! That's how it works:

  • Install Zattoo App on the Apple TV

  • Create a Zattoo account on our website

  • Log in, choose your channel and relax

Zattoo app on devices

Use TV streaming with Apple TV as a flexible alternative

TV streaming with Zattoo and Apple TV offers many advantages over traditional reception methods such as cable or DVB-T2. First, it's cheaper: you don't have to buy a new receiver or additional hardware. Zattoo is available for all devices, including many time-shifted functions and a larger selection of channels. Your Zattoo account can be used on a Smart TV, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Simply watch TV.

Stream over 100 TV channels on all devices.

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