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The Tale of Cotton-tail's New Friend

Seit 08:50, (10 Min.)USA2013Fantasy, Animation

When Cotton-tail leaves the burrow in search of her new playmate, the Shrew, Peter must scour the woods and find his sister before a hungry Old Brown does.

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CBeebies - television for kids and toddlers

CBeebies - british TV for kids and toddlers. Now live with Zattoo.

CBeebies is an exclusive BBC-channel for children under 6 years to help them develop and learn in the best way by producing high-quality programmes for them. As a winner of several awards the channel seems to be very successful in accomplishing its goal to help learning by playing. CBeebies first aired in 2002 and shows a lot of shows and programmes produced in the UK. The cute “Teletubbies” take us into their own world while “Mister Maker” creates the best and most colorful pictures ever. “My P...

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