Zattoo is adding Video on Demand to IPTV-as-a-Service for Swiss network operators

Swiss network operators are turning to Zattoo to add Video on Demand to their multiscreen IPTV offering

Zurich (13/03/2017) Since the beginning of the year the first Swiss network operators have been offering their customers the latest blockbusters and popular classics for a cinema experience at home.

With a selection of over thousands of films from various genres including adventure, action, animé, art-house, children’s, classics, crime thrillers, documentaries, drama, fantasy, horror and independent, there is something for everyone, and the selection is constantly being updated.

The IPTV service, which can now be extended by a video on demand integration is hosted and managed by Zattoo for the network operators.

The business model is based on “Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD)” with operator billing - which means that users pay for each film they “rent” easily and conveniently on their monthly service bill.

The TVOD service is also available on Zattoo for second screens (e.g. iOS, Android, web browsers).

“We are delighted that our Swiss B2B customers are constantly adding to their range of services and have chosen Zattoo for a VOD solution”, explains Gernot Jaeger, the Chief Officer of B2B TV Solutions at Zattoo.

About Zattoo B2B TV Solutions

As technology partner, Zattoo makes IP-based TV solutions available to cable network providers, FTTH operators, and internet service providers in Europe. The portfolio offer ranges from back-end services (ingest, encoding and transcoding) up to completely hosted and managed end-to-end solutions for first-screen IPTV as well as second-screen mobile / web TV. Zattoo, the oldest and largest internet TV provider in Europe, has been operating successfully in the B2B marketplace since 2012. For more information go to