ZATTOO is now live with 4K / UHD on Apple TV for Swiss telecommunications provider Salt

As the first TV-As-A-Service provider ZATTOO introduces 4K / UHD TV for its B2B customers.

Zurich (27/11/2018) Salt has now expanded its disruptive IPTV solution with UHD / 4K content and is now providing 4K / UHD TV channels for all of its customers.

When it comes to innovation, Salt has set new standards in the Swiss telecommunications market. In the spring of 2018, Salt introduced a disruptive TV solution in Switzerland with Apple and ZATTOO. The TV product’s main component is the Apple TV Box, which is being used with operator login for the first time outside the USA. Now Salt is going one step further and offering its customers UHD / 4K content.

Some of the first channels in 4K / UHD include Stingray Ambiance, Now 4K and Festival 4K and Insight TV. More channels will follow soon. The Salt TV offering currently includes 380 channels, including 180 in HD quality, and more than 10,000 movies and series.

As an end-to-end service provider ZATTOO covers the entire technical platform for Salt and takes care of the continuous development of the entire TV platform as well as all front-end applications including Apple TV.

Pascal Grieder, Salt’s Chief Executive Officer, is pleased: “We are relying on ZATTOO as a long-term partner who can guarantee the necessary stability of its platform and implement our complex product requirements flexibly and reliably. We value ZATTOO as an innovation partner, and together with them we will continue to expand our TV service with new features.”

“We are very pleased that Salt went live with 4K / UHD successfully as the first B2B customer. We are also seeing that 4K / UHD is an important issue for other B2B customers. So we are working to make even more 4K content available on even more devices”, says Gernot Jaeger, Chief Officer of B2B TV solutions at ZATTOO.

All of ZATTOO’s B2B customers can now expand their products with 4K / UHD to make their TV service even more attractive.

ZATTOO also uses the HEVC / H.265 video codec for 4K / UHD. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is a standard for encoding video content and images. Areas of application include the transmission of ultra-high-definition television programs, consumer electronics (4K resolution Blu-ray Disc players, camcorders) or streaming services.

With several million monthly users, ZATTOO has become the leading provider of TV-As-A-Service in Europe over the last 12 years. ZATTOO entered the US market in 2017, operating a TV Everywhere service for Hotwire Communications in Florida. In January 2018, ZATTOO opened a representative office in Singapore to expand into the Asia-Pacific region. ZATTOO customers benefit from a partner who knows the needs of TV consumers first-hand and guarantees maximum operational stability with its platform.

About Salt

Salt is a Swiss telecommunications provider which owns and operates an extensive, high-quality mobile telecommunications network infrastructure.Thanks to its ultrafast broadband solution called Salt Fiber, Salt provides a unique triple play service, which for the first time in Switzerland takes full advantage of the optical fiber technology by means of symmetrical date transmission rates of up to 10 Gbit/s. Salt Fiber can be combined in an gainful way with Salt’s powerful Plus flat rate subscriptions - a revolutionary and straight forward portfolio.

Salt in figures: 1,244,000 postpaid customers (as of 30.09.2018), 99 Salt Stores and 4G coverage of 98% of Switzerland’s population. For more information, go to

About ZATTOO B2B TV Solutions

With several dozen B2B customers and millions of TV users, ZATTOO is one of the TV-as-a-Service platforms to achieve success worldwide. ZATTOO is already a leader in the European market and it entered the market in the US in 2017. In 2018, ZATTOO opened an office in Singapore to manage its expansion into the Asia-Pacific region. ZATTOO provides fully hosted and managed IPTV, OTT, TV Everywhere and Hybrid TV Services for network operators and media companies. The company focuses on providing a White Label Product with state-of-the-art applications for all the relevant devices - from set-top boxes and streaming devices like Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV to mobile platforms like iOS, Android or Windows 10. Additional information: