NetCologne selects the joint solution offered by Zattoo and ABOX42 for the operation of its own modern multiscreen IPTV service "NetTV"

Zattoo and Abox42 have established themselves as the preferred providers of IPTV solutions for German network operators

"At home you decide what you watch and when and where to watch it!" On 2 May 2016 NetCologne started its own multiscreen IPTV solution under the "NetTV" brand with this slogan. NetCologne customers have the choice of whether they want to watch television content on their big-screen TVs via the NetTV set-top box or through mobile applications on their smartphones, tablets or even on their PCs/laptops.

By opting for the IPTV multiscreen solution offered by Zattoo in cooperation with ABOX42, NetCologne has chosen a TV solution that is fully hosted and managed by Zattoo. NetCologne is now already the second network operator of this size which has turned to Zattoo to provide IPTV services.

As a significant regional operator, NetCologne serves the Greater Cologne/Bonn/Aachen area with future-proof communication technology. For many years NetCologne has already been established as a cable provider in the housing industry. Volker Kähler, Head of Product and Infrastructure Management at NetCologne, notes: “Through NetTV, we can now also offer all services from one source to our private customers. We thereby respond to the increasing demand for innovative features to improve the TV experience. Thanks to professional project management, we were able to launch our NetTV product according to schedule despite the very tight project deadline.”

NetCologne customers have access to around 80 live TV channels (including many channels in HD quality), an integrated VoD platform (Maxdome), and a whole range of pre-installed media center apps. With NetTV, channel lists are synchronized across all devices, and recordings on the set-top box can be easily scheduled via mobile apps.

NetTV's set-top box platform is offered by ABOX42, the premier Karlsruhe-based provider of innovative set-top box solutions. The M20 model set-top box from ABOX42 is market proven, and it has been implemented in many different projects around the world. ABOX42 has partnered with Zattoo to develop a First Screen product for the German market. As a result, the set-top box satisfies all the major requirements of the German market and offers such innovative features as supporting local recordings on the set-top box and HbbTV for all major German channels.

Zattoo understands the needs of TV consumers firsthand. With two million monthly users, Zattoo has established itself as the leading Internet TV provider in Europe. Zattoo's B2B partners rely on this experience and the development of synergies resulting from a common platform in order to ensure maximum stability. Zattoo's B2B business has been able to continue to expand, also thanks to the framework agreement that it drew up last year with the German network operators association, DNMG. Gernot Jaeger, the Chief Officer of B2B TV Solutions at Zattoo, added: "We are very pleased to manage the multiscreen TV solution for NetCologne, thus, adding a second large German network operator to our portfolio of B2B customers. We are at the same time already looking forward to launching further projects of this size later this year."

This success is due to the fact that Zattoo and ABOX42 together offer all of the ingredients for a modern multiscreen IPTV service. By offering a "white label" product, network operators can bring fully-fledged TV products to market within a few months under their own brands and as part of their own product profiles without having to invest in expensive software or hardware components. By entrusting the complete operation of the platform and the TV service to Zattoo, network operators can benefit from continuous updates and enhancements and can become and remain competitive against the large established TV operators.

About Zattoo TV B2B Solutions

Zattoo is a technology partner for IP-based TV solutions for cable operators, FTTH operators, and Internet service providers in Europe. Its portfolio ranges from back-end services (ingest, encoding, and transcoding) to completely hosted and managed end-to-end solutions for IPTV and First Screen IPTV as well as Second Screen Mobile/Web-TV services. Zattoo, the largest and oldest Internet TV provider in Europe, has operated successfully since 2012 in the B2B sector. B2B customers in Germany include amongst others Munich-based M-net or BBV Deutschland, in Switzerland Quickline AG or, in Austria Kabel-TV Lampert, Post in Luxembourg or the Malta-based cable operator Melita. For more information, please visit:

About Abox42

ABOX42 ( is a leading manufacturer of IPTV, OTT and hybrid set-top box solutions around the world. With more than seven years of experience and know-how with end-user products, ABOX42 develops and markets innovative solutions for network operators. The ABOX42 set-top box platforms consist of innovative hardware, a comprehensive software stack for modern TV applications, a lifecycle management system for the maintenance and updating of products in the field, and various solutions that help the network operator provide unique selling propositions. For more information, please visit:

About NetCologne Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH

NetCologne is a regional provider of modern telecommunication services. For 20 years NetCologne has been providing fast connections to the people in Cologne and surrounding regions. NetCologne offers the entire range of modern communications technology: telephony, mobile services, domain and data services for residential and business customers as well as cable TV services to the housing industry – thanks to the new IPTV product NetTV TV is now enabled for residential customers as well. A modern and future-proof fiber-optic network (with over 20,000 kilometers of installed cables, it is one of the most modern in Europe) makes it possible to provide these services