Austrian cable service Kabel-TV Lampert opts for Zattoo’s state-of-the-art TV product for smartphones, tablets and PCs

Zattoo enables Kabel-TV Lampert to offer mobile TV under its own brand and with its own channels - Live demo at Cable Days in Salzburg

Zurich, 3 November 2015 - Austrian cable network operator Kabel-TV Lampert has chosen the Zattoo platform and white label service to offer their customers TV packages for smartphones and tablet PCs in the near future. Kabel-TV Lampert has thus become a pioneer in the Austrian market. The launch will take place as soon as before Christmas. The new service will be premiered at the Cable Days exhibition in Salzburg, on November 5th and 6th.

With this new service, the Austrian, Rankweil-based and family-run Kabel-TV Lampert will respond to customer wishes to enjoy its TV service on tablets and smartphones as well as on their living-room TV sets. Developing and operating a system such as this while continuously keeping pace with newly introduced device and software updates from the likes of Apple and Android is a very expensive and complex undertaking, however. With Swiss technology service provider Zattoo, Kabel-TV Lampert has found a partner that not only designs high-quality mobile TV products such as these, but will also be operating the service for Kabel-TV Lampert under the brand name “Meine Welt unterwegs” (My world on the go).

For about four years now, Zattoo has been providing a completely hosted and managed service for IPTV solutions and services to network providers and Internet service providers. Zattoo will now also be taking over the entire technical side of the platform for Kabel-TV Lampert, ranging from satellite data ingestion all the way through to the frontends (Internet, iOS, Android). Kabel-TV Lampert can thus draw upon a full-featured TV product as a service without the need to invest in its own hardware and software, and has no need to build a team with the necessary expertise. The user interfaces are based on versatile Zattoo features that have been proven with other B2B partners and are successful in the market. Customer relations will remain the direct responsibility of the network operator.

Karoline Lampert, CEO of Kabel-TV Lampert, is convinced that Zattoo is the right TV solution: "With Zattoo, we will be able to launch an innovative TV product this year, thus continuing to safeguard our competitiveness with respect to the major communications companies. We will be delivering a high-quality TV product directly to end consumers, which, together with maintaining customer relations, is our key competency and is what makes us successful."

Kabel-TV Lampert is Zattoo’s first customer in the Austrian market and thus a strategically important step towards extending its B2B partnerships into Europe. Gernot Jaeger, Zattoo’s Chief Officer B2B TV Solutions, says of the new collaboration: "The new partnership with Kabel-TV Lampert is an affirmation of our strategy to build a strong B2B foothold in Europe alongside our B2C business. We are accomplishing this by using what has already made us strong - namely our own end-to-end platform for distributing TV and video content. We are thus offering a fully hosted "TV-as-a-service” solution that is very interesting, especially for smaller and medium-sized network operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland."

On November 5th and 6th, at Cable Days in Salzburg, Zattoo will be giving a live demonstration of Kabel-TV Lampert’s mobile applications and providing further insights into its other current IPTV products.

About Kabel-TV Lampert

Kabel-TV Lampert is one of Austria’s largest private cable network operators, supplying customers between Feldkirch and Bludenz with high-quality cable TV since 1954, and with ultra-fast broadband Internet as well since 1996. Currently, around 17,300 customers are using the company’s television products, while it also provides 8,500 customers with a broadband Internet connection, and 2,200 customers with its landline services. For more information, visit