eins energie in Sachsen and ENTEGA are opting for ZATTOO as the operator of their own modern Multiscreen IPTV product

ZATTOO’s IPTV product the ideal expansion for existing product portfolio

Zurich (14/08/2018) eins energie, located in Saxony and ENTEGA, based in Darmstadt have launched an IPTV product under their own brand. Both companies provide high-speed internet connections and telephone services via their own fiber optic network. With the next-generation IPTV product, both companies are relying on ZATTOO to successfully extend their existing portfolio and to expand their position in the market. After M-net, NetCologne, EWE TEL and BITel, more German network operators are relying on ZATTOO’s TV platform.

With the IPTV Multiscreen solution from ZATTOO, eins energie in Sachsen and ENTEGA have chosen a TV product under their own brand, that is completely hosted and managed by ZATTOO. As an end-to-end service provider, ZATTOO covers the entire technical platform: from headend/ingest of the signals, encoding/transcoding to transferring the finished IPTV streams to both network operators’ networks. Their customers can decide whether to watch television on a large TV via a set-top box or via mobile applications on smartphones, tablets or on a PC/laptop.

“From now on, eins customers can also watch TV over their fast internet connection. With the IPTV solution from ZATTOO, we are completing our range of services and offering not only telephone and high-speed internet, but also television, all from one source. Thanks to our own powerful fiber-optic network, our customers can watch their favorite shows in excellent HD quality,” Herbert Marquard, Managing Director of eins energie in Sachsen is pleased to explain.

For Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of ENTEGA, the new product is another important component in a market that is changing faster and faster: “Energy, telecommunications and consumer electronics are merging more and more. Also in the world of products for our customers. The new streaming offer “ENTEGA TV” shows that we are aligning our portfolio with the modern needs of our customers and offering them everything from a single source.”

eins energie and ENTEGA use the DNMG (Deutsche Netzmarketing GmbH) framework agreement for the launch of their IPTV product. This was finalized by ZATTOO and the DNMG as a group of German network operators in April 2015 for IPTV. Gernot Jaeger, the Chief Officer of B2B TV Solutions at ZATTOO adds: “Two more DNMG members were able to bring its own state of the art TV product onto the market under its own brand within a few months, without having to invest in complex and expensive IPTV technologies themselves - and we’re very happy about that.”

With the White Label product, network operators can bring a complete TV product to market under their own brand and with their own product profile. With the complete operation of the platform and the TV service by ZATTOO, network operators benefit from continual updates and developments and are able to become and remain as competitive as the big established TV operators.

About eins energie in Sachsen
eins is the leading municipal energy service provider in Chemnitz and the region of Southern Saxony. The company, based in Chemnitz, supplies around 400,000 household and commercial customers with natural gas, electricity, the internet, heating and cooling as well as water and energy-related services. eins is majority-owned by the municipality. With a total of 51 percent, the city of Chemnitz and the municipal union “Gasversorgung in Südsachsen”, an association of 117 cities and municipalities, have two equal shares. Other shareholders are Thüga AG and enviaM AG. With an annual turnover of 982 million euros (fiscal year 2016), eins is one of the largest companies in the region. Around 1,100 employees are employed by the eins group. Around 80 percent of the added value flows back into the communities supplied by eins. eins has invested more than € 2.6 billion in infrastructure and supply security in southern Saxony since 1990, securing € 70 to € 90 million annually. The energy service provider is committed to young people, sports, culture and social projects in the traditional supply area. For more information go to www.eins.de

The ENTEGA Group is one of the leading energy and infrastructure service providers in Germany and one of the largest providers of green electricity and climate-neutral natural gas. ENTEGA AG and its subsidiaries enable modern general-interest services and make a lasting contribution to a sustainable living environment. Its tasks include regenerative energy production, the traditional supply of energy and water as well as the operation and construction of networks and energy-efficient plants on a large scale. In addition, the company operates its own telecommunications network and offers its customers innovative telecommunication products and bundled products. All companies in the ENTEGA Group have a uniform mission statement and a consistent corporate culture. They follow the principle of sustainability and consider their tasks holistically. For more information go to www.entega.ag and www.entega.de

About ZATTOO B2B TV Solutions
With several dozen B2B customers and millions of TV users, ZATTOO is one of the TV as a Service platforms to achieve success worldwide. ZATTOO is already a leader in the European market and it entered the market in the US in 2017. In 2018, ZATTOO opened an office in Singapore to manage its expansion into the Asia-Pacific region. ZATTOO provides fully hosted and managed IPTV, OTT, TV Everywhere and Hybrid TV Services for network operators and media companies. The company focuses on providing a White Label Product with state-of-the-art applications for all the relevant devices - from set-top boxes and streaming devices like Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV to mobile platforms like iOS, Android or Windows 10. For more information go to solutions.zattoo.com