Zattoo develops and hosts multiscreen IPTV for Telecom Liechtenstein

Full service distribution for first and second screens from a single source for the first time

Zurich, May 15, 2014

As the first technology service provider in Europe, Zattoo is assuming all hosting and management of a multiscreen IPTV solution on behalf of network operators and internet service. The Swiss company will roll out this end-to-end service for its first IPTV customer, Telecom Liechtenstein, in the second half of 2014. Zattoo will take care of the full technical implementation and operations, from satellite ingest to the entire technical platform (with live TV, catch up TV, and recording function), and even front ends (TV, iOS, Android) and life cycle management of the set-top boxes. ABOX42, a Karlsruhe (Germany)-based manufacturer of IPTV and OTT set-top box solutions, is supplying the set-top boxes for the end-to-end solution provided by Zattoo. The boxes will fully support typical DVB-C features such as HbbTV.

With some 140 carried TV stations, Telecom Liechtenstein is an established provider for DVB-C and IPTV. The technical implementation of its multiscreen IPTV package, which was previously managed in-house, will be provided by partner Zattoo in future. With Zattoo's extensive expertise and experience with IPTV technologies, the company provides end-to-end solutions for multiscreen IPTV to network operators. Consumer relationships remain within the domain of the network operators; Zattoo works in the background as partner and technology service provider.

Network operators benefit from Zattoo's vast experience as a pioneer in Internet TV. This arrangement harbors huge potential for Internet service providers, FTTH providers, and city carriers: for the first time, they can distribute a high-quality TV product as a service without having to invest in their own hardware, software, or in-house team of experts. By relying on Zattoo's optimized back-end technology solutions, network operators can minimize their investment risk and increase their options for launching IPTV offerings quickly, freeing them up to concentrate entirely on their customer relationships.

The user interfaces build on the versatile features of Zattoo, which have been deployed by other B2B partners with great success. The user interface design can be adapted to the network operator's individual requirements. Utilization of technologies from Zattoo's own consumer business also shortens development lead times significantly.

A key figure of the solution is the playout, or streaming: Zattoo transmits the streams directly to the partner's network, without routing through the "free" Internet. This enables the delivery of hosted IPTV that serves set-top boxes, smartphones, and tablet PCs alike.

A pioneer in Internet TV, Zattoo has offered technical TV solutions for delivering TV content via IP to network operators, Internet service providers, and media companies in its B2B business division since 2012. Zattoo has always focused on the latest technical developments. In the B2B area, this initially involved applications for second screens. Today, its technical service also includes large TV screens.

Markus Willi, President of the Administrative Board at Telecom Liechtenstein, praises the new technology: "For us at Telecom Liechtenstein, the decisive factor is that we can offer a TV product that is 100% state of the art. It has to be available on a variety of devices – including mobile devices – because it is no longer enough to just serve conventional TV sets. That is the heart of the product. Today's modern customers also want to enjoy live TV on their second screens, such as tablet PCs and smartphones. And they expect time-shift viewing and TV recording as standard features. Developing and operating a system of this kind would be an extremely complex, time-intensive process. That's why we chose Zattoo as our technology service provider, because they have proven that they can not only develop a high-quality IPTV product like this, but also operate it for us. We can then deliver this TV product directly to our customers in top quality. We are free to concentrate on our strengths: service delivery and customer relationship management. In addition, the solution puts us in an excellent position to take advantage of all future developments in IT."

Nick Brambring, CEO of Zattoo, comments on the new collaboration: "For Zattoo, our new partnership with Telecom Liechtenstein is a major step and confirmation for our strategy of establishing a strong B2B presence alongside our B2C business. In past years, we have proved again and again that we can develop and provide full hosting for top-quality TV services for network operators. Expanding these TV services from the second screens to the first screen is the next logical step for us. To do so, we are building on the foundation that has made us what we are today: our proprietary end-to-end platform for the distribution of TV and video content. We combine this with a set-top box that has already been deployed successfully in numerous other projects. With this combination, we offer a fully-hosted TV-as-a-service solution, which presents an extremely interesting opportunity particularly for small and medium-sized network operators in Germany and Switzerland.

Zattoo will be offering an exclusive look at its new IPTV product at ANGA COM.