Zattoo and ABOX42 present White Label DVB-C/IP Hybrid Multiscreen TV solution for cable network operators at ANGACOM

Highly modern hybrid TV multiscreen solution for cable network operators to compete with offers from multinational corporations

Cologne (06/07/2016) Zattoo, the Swiss solutions provider for IPTV services and White Label TV solutions for network operators, and ABOX42, the German manufacturer of modern IPTV, OTT and Hybrid TV set top box solutions, are demonstrating a new Hybrid TV multiscreen complete solution for cable network operators at ANGACOM in Cologne from June 7-9.

National and regional network operators face the growing challenge of competing with multinational corporations, yet have neither the comparable budget nor the organization to implement complex TV projects. Zattoo and ABOX42 are focused on providing national and regional network operators with products and solutions that can be implemented without a large investment, with a short project lead time, and with lean project organization. Since 2015, Zattoo and ABOX42 have been marketing a joint IPTV multiscreen solution that was already successfully rolled out in the German-speaking sector. It is now being expanded with a Hybrid/IP solution for cable network operators with an existing DVB-C infrastructure.

For network operators with an existing cable TV system, Zattoo and ABOX42 are now providing a new hybrid TV product for the First Screen based on the ABOX42 M series set top box platform and applications for mobile end devices and web browsers.

The First Screen product offers the best of both worlds: The live TV channels will continue to be delivered to the customer efficiently via the cable network of the network operator and the existing infrastructure. Depending on the available rights, the DVB-C live signals can be expanded with IP signals and thus functions like Live Pause, Catch-up TV and network PVR. As well, additional channels can be integrated via IP. There is also a modern user interface, premium multimedia EPG with images and in-depth program information, additional services such as HbbTV for access to the channel’s media shops, the Video On Demand offer and further apps for a complete TV product.

In addition to First Screen, the new TV product comprises the mobile applications for iOS or Android as well as a browser-based service for PC or Mac. These are fully integrated with the TV via the set top box: this way recordings can be programming from afar and favorite channels can be managed on all devices – a true multi-screen complete solution.

Zattoo operates the entire service as an end-to-end solution and takes over the operation of the multi-screen product, the management of the set top boxes in the field as well as the ongoing further development of the applications. “This way, national and regional cable network operators can make strides into the future and offer a product range that was previously only available from multinational corporations,” says Gernot Jaeger, Chief Officer B2B TV Solutions at Zattoo.

The set top box platform for the hybrid DVB/IP TV service comes from ABOX42 in Karlsruhe, and is based on the most modern technology and a future-proof set top box platform from ABOX42’s M series. As a leading provider of set top box solutions, the company delivers to network operators worldwide.

For Ingo Schuchert, Managing Director of Deutsche Netzmarketing GmbH, this approach is the future for many cable providers. “Linear cable television alone will not be enough to survive in the market long-term. Therefore many of our members have long sought an option for developing their cable TV product and making it future-proof. I am delighted that our cooperation with Zattoo and ABOX 42 has now provided us with precisely this option.”

As an association of German network operators, Zattoo and Deutsche Netzmarketing GmbH (DNMG) concluded a framework agreement with regard to IPTV in April 2015. Since then, a variety of network operators have chosen the Zattoo IPTV platform in conjunction with the ABOX42 set top box, including Munich’s M-net and NetCologne in Cologne.

About Zattoo B2B TV Solutions

As a technology partner, Zattoo provides IP-based TV solutions for cable network operators, FTTH operators and internet service providers in Europe. The portfolio of offers ranges from back-end services (Ingest, encoding and transcoding) to completely hosted and managed end-to-end solutions for First Screen IPTV and Second Screen Mobile/Web TV. Zattoo is the largest and oldest internet TV provider in Europe and has been operating successfully in the B2B sector since 2012. Its B2B customers in Germany include Munich’s M-net and BBV Deutschland, Quickline AG and in Switzerland, Lampert cable TV in Austria, the POST in Luxembourg and the Maltese cable network operator Melita. More information at:

About Abox42

ABOX42 ( is a global leading provider of IPTV, OTT and hybrid set top box solutions. With more than 7 years of experience and know-how with end-user products, ABOX42 develops and markets innovative solutions for network operators. Die ABOX42 set top box platforms consist of innovative hardware, a comprehensive software stack for modern TV applications, a lifecycle management system for maintaining and updating the products in the field, and diverse solutions that support the unique selling features of a network operator product. More information at:

About DNMG

With more than 190 connected cable network operators, for over 15 years Deutsche Netzmarketing GmbH (DNMG) has been the largest marketing organization for operators of cable and broadband networks in the German-speaking sector. DNMG combines the interests of network operators and concludes framework and cooperation agreements on their behalf with content, service, platform and program providers. The network operators organized via the DNMG are independent companies in the Federal Republic of Germany and Austria. They maintain receiver facilities and network infrastructures, among other things, for the supply of properties with TV, TK, IP and media services.