• Happy Birthday Zattoo

    We're celebrating our 15th birthday this year!

    Take a look back with us and discover how we developed TV Streaming in Germany & Switzerland

Zattoo: A history

15 years of Zattoo told in our image gallery

Interview: Bea Knecht (founder)

Read our exclusive interview with Bea Knecht, the founder of Zattoo

What Zattooies say

Current & former team colleagues about their time at Zattoo.

The complete playlist

Niklas, at Zattoo since 2007

Stefan, at Zattoo since 2011

Remo, at Zattoo since 2009

Heiko, at Zattoo since 2015

Miriam, at Zattoo since 2015

Julian, at Zattoo since 2015

Jörg, at Zattoo since 2010

Dominik, at Zattoo from 2007 - 2008

Stefan L., at Zattoo from 2014 - 2017