• About Zattoo

    “Internet TV is everywhere. Zattoo is driving and leading it." #watchyouwant

Europe's leading Internet TV provider

Zattoo brings you TV over the Internet. Now you can watch exciting sports, series and movies when, where, and how you want.
On your home TV, you can use Zattoo apps for Smart TVs, Amazon Fire or Apple TV. And for computers, smartphones or tablets, Zattoo makes television mobile.
Our focus is on live TV – additionally, much of this programming is available on demand, so you can watch shows you missed later.
You decide how you want to use Zattoo - Free (with additional Zattoo advertising) or with a subscription for more content and functionality and no extra ads. No long-term contracts required.

Zattoo in a few numbers


The No. 1 - the leader of Internet-TV in Europe


Up to 2 million monthly active users


Available on 16 platforms


More than 450 TV channels on offer


More than 500 satisfied advertisers