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Stream more than 60 TV channels on all your devices.
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  • RTL

Simple. Good Value. Multiscreen.

This is how smart TV now works: with TV streaming by Zattoo, your TV programme is streamed live and with a time delay online. No contract obligations, no mess of cables, always on reception. All you need is an internet connection and an online-ready device, such as Smart TVs, laptops or smartphones.

Device overview
  • AndroidAndroid
  • Apple TVApple TV
  • ChromecastChromecast
  • Amazon Fire TVAmazon Fire TV
  • iOSiOS
  • Smart TVSmart TV
  • WindowsWindows
  • XboxXbox

Recordings and replay

Live TV and time shifted television

There are many options with Zattoo Live TV and time delayed television. If you want to record a programme or series, there is enough space for up to 100 recordings per account. You can also use our 7-day Replay or Restart function to stream a film right from the beginning or just press Pause to stop it. In addition, there is a wide range of documentaries, reports, series and films on demand.

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30 days for free

11,99 €

per month

  • 64 TV channels
    (incl. 63 in HD)

  • Mobile usage & in EU countries

  • 2 parallel streams

  • Restart & Live Pause

  • Unlimited
    Big Screen Streaming

  • Monthly cancellation

30 days for free

Zattoo Ultimate Icon


30 days for free


per month

  • 64 TV channels
    (Incl. 42 in Full HD
    & 21 in HD)

  • 7 days Replay & Live Pause

  • 100 recordings

  • Mobile usage & in EU countries

  • 4 parallel streams

  • Unlimited
    Big Screen Streaming

  • Monthly cancellation

30 days for free

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Our answers to your questions

How much is a Zattoo subscription?

We have two different subscriptions to choose from: Ultimate & Premium. Under "Offers" you will find the respective prices and included functions. Both subscriptions can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

Which devices are supported?

Currently, Zattoo is optimized for: Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Panasonic Smart TV, Android TV, Apple TV 4/4K, Chromecast, PC/Mac browser, Windows 10 app, Android & iOS apps, Xbox One

Can I use my account across devices?

You need one account only to use Zattoo across devices and platforms. You can access your account and active subscriptions from all your devices.

On how many devices can I stream simultaneously with Zattoo?

The stream limit permitted per Zattoo account is based on your booked Zattoo offer: Ultimate (up to 4 parallel streams) & Premium (up to two parallel streams).

What are the minimum system requirements to use Zattoo?

We recommend a bandwidth of 50 Mbits/s with an Internet download speed of at least 5-8 Mbits/s for HD and Full HD streams.

How can I use my subscription on my TV?

Use the email address with which you booked the subscription. Go to Login, enter your e-mail address and password. After successful login you will get access to your subscription.

Which payment methods are accepted?

The following payment methods are accepted: Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa) and PayPal.

How do I change my payment details?

If you want to update your payment method filed in your Zattoo account, you need to actively buy a new subscription for validation of the new payment method. Please visit our help page for more information.

Simply watch TV.

Stream over 60 TV channels on all devices.

30 days for free